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Firstly apollogize my english.... i know, it really sucks...

I beholding this forum some months, without any notice of self becouse i originaly wanted i wanted intruduce yourself with complete cgi animated short scene on what i working with one my friend... but making these things is somehow hard on time and effort...

so ill start by some may thoughts and questions... if u dont be mad... this is not some effort for making things „right“ but my thinking about this and making these thing reasonable... is about making decisions and weighing of possibilites

and I did not sound so pretentious ... just here to give you some topics for debate.

Just notice: im not proffesional.... not scientist... not some of sort of this... i just thing about it... and also apologize for some too much crazy deductions.

p.s. Really sorry for my english, i hope thats is enought understandable and will be least misunderstanding.

I coming from Czech and im 26 years old, Secret of NIMH is one of pillar movies what i grow up and love them... im really glad that after more than 35 years still exist any fandom, which is still managed... im glad to meet you :)

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    Hey, man. Welcome to the forum.

    As you can tell, it's pretty quiet, but there are some cool people here. I'm sure you will like it.

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