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Here are the rules for posting and contributing in discussions on this forum. You are responsible for reading and understanding these rules; ignorance is not an excuse. Note that I've revised these rules somewhat from what they were on the old forum so that they are more clear and explicit.

General Rules

  1. Be respectful of others. Remember the old adage: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Or in this modern age of Wheaton's Law: "Don't be a d*ck." To call out specific things I have major problems with, do not make bigoted, racist, homophobic or otherwise generally intolerant or hateful comments or posts. This post by Phil Plait generally describes my philosophy here.
  2. No harassing, trolling, flaming or otherwise posting just to get a negative reaction or attention. This goes along with rule #1.
  3. Do not post obscene, excessively violent, pornographic or otherwise offensive material to the forum. While I don't mind discussion that involves controversial topics, please remember that your posts are publicly visible, and that minors have access to read whatever you post.
  4. Do not advertise non-NIMH related things to the board (i.e. no spam).
    • NIMH-related advertisements are acceptable for the following things, provided the other rules are followed:
      • Websites or other internet resources (such as other forums, email lists, etc.) that are publicly available.
      • Completed and publicly available fan works, such as fan-art or fan-fiction. Access to the work cannot be restricted by a paywall.
      • Special events and gatherings of NIMH fans.
    • If you want to advertise NIMH-related merchandise (such as an auction on eBay or whatever), availability for fan-work commissions or paywalled-content, or are unsure whether your advertisement is acceptable, please email me or send me a private message about it before posting, and I'll approve or deny it on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Do not abuse the private messaging/email forwarding features of the board. If you are sending spam or otherwise abusive messages to other people on the board, it is automatically grounds for a permanent ban.
  6. If the forum has a specific topic, please stay on topic. I may move off-topic threads to a location that better suits them.


  1. For minor offenses, the thread in question may be locked, moved somewhere more appropriate or deleted and the offender given a warning.
  2. For major or repeated offenses, in addition to deleting the thread in question, the poster of the offending material may be given a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.
  3. I (Simon) have final say in the interpretation and execution of any rule or consequence.

If you feel that someone has violated one of the rules, you can report it by clicking the "Flag" link next to the post or comment, or by sending me an email or private message with a link to the offending post or comment.

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