Return of an Old-Timer

Hello, after some years away from the Thorn Valley Forums I now have enough time to participate again. And because this great site still exists, I signed in with my old forum name (except for the "_" instead of the space).

I saw the german version of "The Secret of NIMH" as a teen in a movie theatre and was a fan from then on. For me it is still the best animated movie that I have seen. Some years after that I read the german translation of the book "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" and became also a fan of the book. In 2002 I started using the Internet and searched actively for sites about the movie and found among others Thorn Valley. It has been in my bookmark-list ever since, although for some years I visited it only rarely. Finally I discovered the various fanfiction stories about book and movie and became a fan of several of them.


  • Yes, I do remember you from the old forum. Better late than never! I haven’t been very active here myself lately (and I’m not the only one), but it’s good to know there is still some interest left in TSoN fandom.

    Since you’ve been catching up on fan-fics, feel free to discuss some of them here (including mine, he said immodestly).

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    Hey, I remember you too. Welcome back to Thorn Valley! :) It's always good to see a familiar face make a comeback!

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