Future of the forums?

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So, I've been doing a fair amount of work to convert Thorn Valley into a largely static site, in preparation for moving it to a different host/serving situation, as I don't really have the time to maintain my own server anymore. This is still a slow-moving work in progress, of course.

The forum, fortunately, is on a different host that I don't have to maintain, however it's still not as secure as I'd like. For one thing, it's not served via HTTPS, and for another, I cannot send forum confirmation emails for new signups, so all new users basically have to go through me now. From what I can tell there's only a handful of people who post here, and while I appreciate every one of you, I'm starting to wonder if there isn't a better way that would get me out of the business of running a site that has to deal with user accounts and associated passwords directly. As security and account breaches become more common and high-profile, this is becoming a game that I don't want to participate in nearly as much anymore.

So, where does that leave us?

Well, I don't know exactly. I could move us to a third-party forum host, but a lot of them charge a fair chunk of change for the service, and while Thorn Valley is a labor of love, I don't intend to sink large chunks of cash into it. Maybe there's a good social networking alternative? Or even something like Google Groups? I'm honestly not really sure.

So, here's your chance to help influence this decision. Assuming that this forum closed, what would you prefer as an alternative?


  • (Also, any post that says "keep the forums as is" is extremely unhelpful, and will be deleted with prejudice. So don't do that.)

  • Alrighty, I may have on suggestion.

    Make a Thorn Valley sub-Reddit and just run the community through there. I don't know the process of making one (I don't really use the site, myself) or what's required to maintain it, but I know a few communities that prosper from using reddit. All up to you.

  • Hm. Reddit's definitely an interesting thought. Assuming that the sub-reddits are mostly cordoned off from any of the other cesspools that inhabit it, I could see that working.

  • Though it looks like my account doesn't have enough reputation to create one. Not sure what the threshold is there, though.

  • I don't know much about Reddit, but I'd be okay with it. :) No objections to that idea from me.

    I do really like the discord channel you have going for the muck's current replacement-type-thing, though, so I'd say expand on that, but then again, forums are easily accessed by non-members and with discord, if someone wanted to see what we write, they'd have to have a profile, wouldn't they? I don't actually know, that was a legit question. >.> I've had a profile since I heard about it and had no reason to look into it. XD

    Either way a forum may be more user-friendly to some and having a forum AND a discord channel (people call it a server, so I don't know why I call it a channel all the time. >.> ) wouldn't be too bad for us, I don't really know.

  • I support the Reddit idea. I really don't have any ideas for other forums, but I wanted to log on and let you know I still care. Discord might be good too. I always use different emails and usernames for gaming and discussion forums than I do on social media. Maybe a proboards discussion forum?

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    Well, if anyone has the karma on their account to get a new Secret of NIMH subreddit going, I'd definitely be glad to link to it/participate.

    As for Discord, I've already moved NIMHmuck there, and you can join that here: https://discord.gg/PBcPGVP

    While I could create a separate discord server for Thorn Valley, I think it makes sense not to split things up too much. I'd rather just use channels to handle that.

  • Why can't you use a free message board service like proboards?

  • I might, though I do feel that reddit might be a better fit for what I'm hoping for. This isn't exactly a nexus of activity, and a place like reddit seems like it'd be more likely to attract members? I'm not sure though. This isn't something I'm rushing into, in any case, and I might have something to mitigate the lack of SSL in the meantime.

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