Movies that make you cry?

I'm curious....any movies that make you cry? Why do they make you cry?

This is a Don Bluth film forum and his movies seem to give people tears (An American Tail and A Land Before Time). Do those movies make you cry or are you a "tough guy" who never cries? I'll share my story in a bit as it will take some time writing up, but in the meantime I leave you with those questions. n.n


  • I honestly only cry during a movie or TV show if it's a cartoon...Dunno if that's weird. The Land Before Time, obviously had me bawling my eyes out as an adult, and Disney, lately, seems to be going for the "If I make you cry, it's a good movie" idea.. x.x

    Though I did cry during Pan's Labyrinth, I can't remember anything else that isn't animated right off the top of my head. :(

  • Most movies that make people cry have a death in it, but the first movie that made me cry wasn't about death. Oddly enough, it's another film about a mouse on an adventure. It's called Abel's Island, and I cried at the part where he got separated from his wife by the storm, and he was alone in the rain, and it looked like they would never see each other again. I was able to relate to the loneliness.

  • I have to admit that most of the movies that made me cry were animated ones. Starting with Bambi; Who can forget that scene where his mother is killed. Then there's SON. The scene where Brisby's cinderblock home sinks in the mud with her children trapped inside brought tears to my eyes. I'm fully aware (especially after repeated viewings) that she was indeed able to pull off a spectacular rescue withe the aid of the stone, but for a first time viewer, this scene can be heartwrenching. Then there is "An American Tail" in which Fievel our main protagonist has to endure the separation from his family while making the treacherous voyage to America. These arre just some of the movies that have suceeded in bringing tears to my eyes, not because they were bad, but because of key moments in them that hit just the right spot.

  • To Greta,

    Would you happen to know where I can obtain a copy of Abel's Island?? I have ti admit that I've never heard of this film before, but it sounds like something worth looking into. :-)

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