Dream of being Timothy Brisby

This is about another dream I had of being Timothy Brisby that happened this morning when I was asleep. What I remember from this dream is it all started while I was coming downstairs from an upstairs room of a house that seemed to be unfamiliar to me at the time. Right as I come down into the downstairs of the house, I look down at myself to find I appear to be wearing a long and oversized green shirt that seemed like a nightgown going down to shin level. I start to wonder about it and suddenly notice I appear to also be looking somewhat like an anthropomorphic mouse. I then look away from myself and begin to look around the unfamiliar place I am in. As I enter into another room, I notice there appear to be other kids who look like my siblings playing around in it and got the feeling that I could be inside the cinderblock home of the Brisby Family on the Secret of NIMH. Right as I am about to go play with the other kids, I notice someone who looks like my mom coming into the room. I also notice her appearing to be looking somewhat like an anthropomorphic mouse as well as she comes over toward me and has me leave the room to go somewhere else. I then found myself being led out of the place to go to a different place for some reason by the person who looks like my mom. As I was walking over toward the other place, I end up having to lift the bottom of my oversized green shirt a bit for some reason. I soon come to the other place and found myself being led inside by the person who looks like my mom. Upon entering the place, I noticed there appeared to be a number of strange and unfamiliar people there who seem to have the appearance of being anthropomorphic rats. I start to wonder what I am doing there and why I have been brought there as I see the person who looks like my mom going over to talk to someone who appears to look like Justin. A few minutes later, she then comes back over to and has me follow her back out of this place. I then found out that is taking back to the place I was in earlier and soon found I appear to be coming back into the room with the kids who still look like my siblings. Just as I enter the room they are in, I suddenly notice their appearances have changed as they now appear to look more like the other Brisby Children. I then turn to notice the person who looks like my mom coming up next to me now appearing to have a red shawl on and looking more like Mrs. Brisby herself. At that very moment, I suddenly get the feeling that I am in the cinderblock home now and start to explore around it.

(the dream didn't end yet as there is still some more, which I have included since it still has to do with anthropomorphic rodents)

While exploring around the cinderblock home, I found myself going up to what seems to be the roof of it to find what appears to be a model of somekind setup there that looks somewhat like Little Rodentia from the Zootopia movie. I then start to come up closer to it to get a better look at it and found it appears to look like it is almost complete with some areas still in the process of being worked on by someone. As I continue to look around the model some more, I notice something suddenly happening to it and find that I need to make repairs to it. I soon head back down below to try to find someone who is able to help me fix it and come into a room to find someone sitting at a desk. I couldn't tell if they are an anthropomorphic rodent or not as I approach them to ask about a Gadget Hackwrench while wondering where I could find her. For some reason, it seemed like I wanted Gadget Hackwrench's help in repairing what had happened with the Little Rodentia model. I then found the person sitting at the desk refusing to help me while saying stuff like Gadget Hackwrench doesn't exist or something. Afterward, I begin to wonder what to do now and turn to see something on a nearby TV screen. Seconds later, it suddenly seemed like I have ended up in whatever is on TV somehow and soon notice a couple older kids who appear to be classmates from school a long while back appearing to come in from somewhere else. I then find they seem to be wanting to help me and had me write something up regarding Gadget Hackwrench to tell to the person at the desk like if they are hiding something from me. I soon finish writing it up and went over to place it on something that now appears to look like a computer monitor that is connected with the person at the dark. Right after doing that, I quickly leave the room knowing that anger is about to ensure and head down a short hallway to where there appears to be a stairway going up, and quickly go up it. I then find it has led me to somewhere where there appears to be another TV to watch and begin to watch what is on it to find it is a somewhat animated show version of what is happening downstairs now. I notice it is seeming like anger from the person at the desk had occured, but things appear to have gone differently instead where the old classmates of mine had found out the information I needed on Gadget Hackwrench. I soon turn to leave and head back up to where the Little Rodentia model is. Just as I come back up to where it is on the roof, I start to look at it to try to see what I can fix or see what needs to fixed before Gadget Hackwrench is to show up, which is all I can remember from this dream.

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