Rats of NIMH related dream where I seemed to be Timothy Brisby for some reason with rats & a snake

I'm not sure what category this would fit under as it is about a dream I had that seemed to have the Rats of NIMH in it, so I put it under general discussion.

The dream that I had is from this morning when I was asleep. As far as I can remember from it, it appeared that I was mouse sized according to the scenery of the area I was in with what appeared to be really tall grasses growing up way above my head. I started looking around and noticed there appeared to be a mouse around my height nearby that looked like Mrs. Brisby who was heading off to somewhere else. She then seemed to have stopped for a moment and motions to have me follow behind her like I was one of her four children. It also seemed like for some reason that it was like the Secret of NIMH 3 or something being played out here. As I was starting to follow Mrs. Brisby through the tall grasses, I began to get the feeling of being in the role of her son Timothy Brisby while it seemed I was him for some reason even though I couldn't tell if I had the over-sized green shirt or a blue shirt on. I continued following along with Mrs. Brisby and soon found myself in an area of rodent dwellings and tunnels that gave the impression of being Thorn Valley where the Rats of NIMH are. Right as I begin to look around, I get the feeling Mrs. Brisby came here to pick up some things from somewhere here to bring back to the cinder block home, but then the scene seems to have changed for some reason.

The next thing I know, I found I had entered into a room somewhere and had lost sight of Mrs. Brisby. As I looked around the room for her, I noticed there appeared to be a group of rats here searching for stuff to gather and take with them. While I was watching them look around the room, I suddenly notice they have encountered a snake hiding somewhere and were fighting against it to try to get rid of it. A few seconds later, I see the snake fleeing from them for some reason and going into what looked like a bathroom while the rats follow after the snake. I then find myself heading into the bathroom to see what is going on and notice the snake appeared to have curled up near a corner and suddenly vanished from sight. While I was wondering what just happened, the rats turned to leave the bathroom and came close to where I was as they started speaking about how the snake escaped to somewhere else and that they have to go after it. I then notice the rats heading away and the next thing I know, I was heading down a number of streets and turns like if I was in a car and came to this building that seemed like it was a NIMH Laboratory. I suddenly started wondering why the rats went there of all places and found myself going up onto the roof of the building to find the rats dumping what appeared to be a lot of rodent food down a tube going down into the building to try to clog something up.

After a minute or so, I noticed the tube has been stuffed full of rodent food and was starting to break down below in the building while spilling rodent food everywhere. I then go down trying to see if I could fix it, but suddenly noticed scientists coming along wondering what is going on and found I had to flee instead. I head back to where the rats are to find they have gotten what they came here for and was time to make our escape anyway. Moments later, I found that I have gotten back down to the ground with the rats and heading toward what appeared to be a chain link fence. I couldn't tell if we were discovered or not as I didn't notice anyone coming after us yet, but then found the rats have gotten through the chain link fence and continued on while I seemed to be following behind them. The scene seemed to have changed again as I found myself in the area within the really tall grasses that seemed to be Thorn Valley and felt I was safe there as I noticed Mrs. Brisby had reappeared there. I started to head over toward her while noticing that I appeared to be in the form of Timothy Brisby again for whatever reason, but then woke up.


  • I think my only NIMH related dream I had was back when I was sick watching it (this story is a continuation from the other thread about my stomach flu). I believe it involved Mrs. Brisby flying with Jeremy, except she was the one flying. I really don't remember much about it. These days if I were to have a NIMH dream it would be a nightmare about that popular Val Kilmer character that every one talks about. :3

    Usually my dreams involve me running away to avoid getting eaten, or in one case bargaining with a monster to stop him from eating me. Hell, today I had one where I was stuck in a mansion with raptors trying to eat me. I probably had a few Freddy Kruegar dreams too when I was a kid.

    Dreams, at least mine, don't seem to have any sort of logical story to them. I take a lot of medication, so that doesn't help I bet. n.n;;

  • I’ve occasionally had dreams that kinda seem to be at least vaguely TSoN-related, but then virtually all my dreams these days are surreal, jumbled messes that I’m sure would leave Freud throwing up his hands and vowing to pursue a career in something simpler, like finding a cure for cancer. 8-}

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