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I thought this would be a good occasion for a redo of my introductory posts, since this is a brand new forum and the old ones rambled a bit, and now I have the perspective of the past three years as well.

I’ve been a TSoN fan right from the beginning, having seen it during its too-brief theatrical run, while I was stationed with the Navy in Charleston, SC. I may have seen it a second time at the base theater—I’m not entirely clear on this—but it took another couple of years to have a real impact on me. This was after I’d become stationed at a base in the Bahamas, where we had great satellite TV including the major premium channels. In the middle of 1984 most or all of them—HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and The Movie Channel—were showing “TSoN” repeatedly, so I started checking it out again.

Now, my entertainment tastes in those days, and since then, have always been pretty varied, and certainly included quality animation, and maybe more importantly quality storytelling in animation. TSoN had this amazing impact on me, like nothing before and little else since. Once I’d given it one cable viewing, I felt compelled to see it again and again; with a growing sense each time of a rich, detailed backstory and the possibilities of further adventures of these characters that cried out to be told, and that I could be the one to tell them. (“More! More! There has to be more!”)

I was barely aware then that fan-fiction writing was even a “thing,” but that didn’t stop me from getting ideas for a sequel, and filling in backstories, fueled by lingering questions one still had by movie’s end. You all know them by now: Where did the Stone come from? If it was Johnathan’s, where did he get it? Where did Nicodemus get those powers? From the NIMH treatments? Does Mrs. Brisby have a first name? And on and on.

From all this emerged the basic idea for my first fan-fiction, centering around the premise that Johnathan Brisby was not killed by Dragon. Other initial ideas I had I scrapped but I kept the basic idea, and soon the whole story emerged. For over a year afterward I had the whole thing in my head, not writing anything at all down. Through various channels I learned that Timothy Fay was putting together a TSoN-themed APAzine, The NIMH File, in 1986. So I finally put it to paper and was able to share it with a larger audience, at least slightly larger than just myself. And all this without benefit of internet.

To this day I can’t quite explain it all: why it took this one animated movie to inspire me to the degree of writing my own fiction, of any kind, the first I’d done so since high school Lit courses. But there you have it. And I’ve been at it continuously ever since, sometimes more slowly, but never completely giving it up. Further stories I did mostly as a hobby, sharing some of them with a few other people, but back in 2010 I finally discovered online TSoN fandom and the chance to share my work for a potentially larger audience. Been writing 'em ever since, almost half my life. (creak!)

Reading the fanfiction of others has been an influence on my own writing, and definitely inspired me to revisit these two-decades old stories of mine and rewrite and hopefully improve upon them. In spite of how long I’ve been at this, I don’t consider my writings to be in competition with those of anyone else, or the “correct” or “definitive” version compared to others, at least as applied to those of us who are serious and dedicated to doing this well. A certain video “sequel” is emphatically excluded!

Currently I have posted retooled and expanded versions of all my fan-fics (except the last one) to Robin’s NIMH Fan-Fiction Archive:


The last one I’m in the current process of rewriting and posting to Robin’s. This one should go a little faster since I already have the whole thing on a Word document, so I just have to make the necessary revisions. After that, who knows? I don’t have anything definite in the works, but you never know.


  • I have an idea for your next project! The Secret of NIMH 2 world is actually a universe that can be accessed by the stone. The fanfic versions of the characters accidentally teleport to the NIMH 2 world and meet up with the alternate versions of themselves. Hilarity ensues! XD

  • HA! That sounds like amazing fun to write XD

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