"Secret of NIMH" movie comic book/graphic novel

I wore mine out, lol, but there were scenes that they changed from the movie (to make it kid-friendly, I guess) that just seemed so out of character and just made me scratch my head: Mrs. Brisby calling out "Yoo-Hoo" to Mr. Ages: Very out of character. When she loses Timmy's medicine: "Oh, boo-hoo-hoo! I've lost Timmy's medicine! Oh, boo-hoo-hoo!" (You almost expect her to say, "R'ally, Ah have!")

Nicodemus concluding the story of their escape from NIMH, saying that "all the mice except Jonathan and Mr. Ages were (lost in the air ducts)". He doesn't tell how Jonathan opened the locked door, or was later killed during one of his cat-drugging missions.

The fight: What the H-E-double hockey sticks happens to Sullivan? He offers Justin his sword, Jenner knocks it out of his hand/paw and accuses him of being a traitor. Does he kill him off-screen--er, off-panel?

Jenner's defeat: Justin, now with Sullivan's sword, wounds Jenner and sends him tumbling into the water. (Jenner (screaming): "Aaa-hhh! I--I'm WOUNDED!" (Clambers out of the water, shaking his fist and cursing) "Go on! Go to Thorn Valley and starve! You haven't heard the last of me!" Justin: "You're through, Jenner!" (Which means he'll be left behind for the people from NIMH to deal with the following morning?)


  • Jenner never dies! #TeamJenner! I'm a Jenner fanboy for life! I approve of this graphic novel, Justin will always get what's coming to him. :P

    I say that Jonathan, Jenner, and Sullivan are still kicking and will get their revenge I tells yas! They'll show that pretty boy Justin who rules the world!

    Welcome to the forums, btw! I'm not that eccentric, I swear! :3

  • ^ Yes he is. snerk

    Ditto to his welcome to the forums! Nice to have another seasoned fan aboard. B-)

    I have that Whitman graphic novel myself and wasn't too pleased with the differences they saw fit to make. Not only for the "house" look to the artwork, but the dialogue which got over-expository in places: "Blood! (Ulp!) I...I cut myself!" and "Now...down to the floor on this yarn!" and overall unnecessarily simplified for, yes, a younger audience. A few good points though: describing Brisby as "ignorant of machinery" when she tries to stop the tractor, their going ahead with Nicodemus being killed, and not forgetting Auntie Shrew when the mud starting coming in. Guess they kept Jenner and Sullivan alive because a swordfight, which would have to be on-panel, would have been too intense. At least the story was basically intact, except for when they had the tractor starting up just after Brisby arrives home instead of the following morning.

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