What is the best way to watch the movie?

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I recently bought a Blu-ray player (w00t). But I've heard the Blu-ray version of NIMH isn't that great. I've heard there is a better DVD version....and I've heard there is a DVD version with an actual Bluth commentary which I'm REALLY interested in. Which release is that on? (It's not on my 2003 version which sucks aside from the little info book) I've also seen REALLY nice HQ screenshots on tumblr and was wondering where THOSE came from? Is there an .mkv torrent of a 720 or 1080 resolution that actually does the animation justice? I wouldn't be surprised. I found an .mkv of All Dogs not too long ago, downloaded it to make gifs, and it looks fan-freaking-tastic. And no need to scold about no linking; I know my way around the internet and won't need help with download links. heh.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    First off, let me refer you to a couple of old forum posts on the matter:

    DVD review - Note that this is for the "Family Fun edition". I don't know if the current DVD release has the same features, so check the back cover carefully before buying, if you do. For instance, the version currently being sold on Amazon (either by itself or as a double feature with NIMH2) appears to be the old 1-disc DVD release that is based off of the old laserdisc transfer and is not very good-looking, not to mention lacking in special features.

    BluRay review

    My opinion is that the BluRay edition is probably the best version out there, primarily due to it being in HD. The BluRay release and the DVD release are nearly identical in most other respects though; both have the director's commentary and the making-of featurette. As for picture quality, both the DVD and BluRay have roughly similar color reproduction, but the BluRay, while more detailed, also shows more noise and dust & scratches than the DVD release does. At TV-watching distances and with any sharpness options turned off on your set, it's probably not too noticeable, but on my computer screen it's slightly distracting. I really wish they had taken some extra time to clean that up.

    Here's a screenshot of the BluRay, for reference (click to enlarge): image

  • Wow, that's pretty! (I love that scene) Thanks, Simon, that was very helpful. :3 Blu-ray it is then!

  • Don't know why the Blu-Ray gets beat up on all the time. It is the best way to see the film outside 35mm maybe.

  • The best way to see this movie is probably the hardest to accomplish right now. I'm talking about none other than the silver screen in which one can become fully immersed in a sound and color experience that is hard to duplicate at home. Sad to say unless the powers that be plan on re-releasing this fine film anytime soon, this experience will be lost to a whole generation of kids and adults that never got to see what true 2D Classical animation could be

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