The funny/cute videos and pictures thread because I'm bored and no one will care anyway!

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This has mostly has to do with rodents, just a compilation of videos and such that I like about rats and mice.

^Aside from the bad music, a good ratty video. n.n

^Mrs. Brisby getting a cracker onto a ledge pretty much. I'd follow this mouse to war. :P



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    These are pictures of my dog, Fry (shorted from French Fry which was his adopted name). I dunno if the forum software will process these so that you don't have to click the individual links to see them, so I made a second post. n.n

    His :P face is pretty great. n.n

    EDIT: Actually the forum software will not allow me to post the links, either. Wahwah.

  • I thought this would be a good place to bring up this one again; there was a link to another version of it on the old forum, but that one was taken down.

    Not a mouse or rat, but again, porcupines are rodents too.

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