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Have you thought about a comunnity project?

edited December 2014 in Main

I mean some story maded by sll or almost all local users... or something more complex but this will mainly depend on skills and time...


  • Hmm... I'm open to the idea, certainly. I just don't know what sort of project to do.

  • hard to say... this depends.... ok what i has in mind in super ideal case.... making animated movie/series by community... cgi or traditional.... but this is somehow hard, becouse this need work of more persons skilled in many art branches... in all case for this is needed scripter, conceptualist, storyboard artist (and better will be more than one on every branch, but ofcourse, one person can be in more branches... at examlpe storybard and concept artist...)

    if will be make in CGI... will be in some cases easiest than classic animation, but will need some person skilled in 3d; will be needed 3d modeler, 3d animator, texturer, probably someone who know how work in some 3d engine (becouse making animations directly from 3d program is hell for computer: one frame easily can take 30 - 60 minutes of rendering and it, if you realize, that one second of movie have at least 24 frames.... this can be somehow problem, but engines this solving differently way but for cost on some quality...) of course here is better more than one

    if will be make in classic animation... so just drawed... will be needed some drawers, who is able hold same still, have some experience in animation and again better is more than one...

    yes this is somehow ambitious thought becouse this very depend on persons, his count, his skills...

    and it is essential to have a lot of time and mainly enthusiasm...

    so this is basic idea... but reality depend who is willing to make something like this and how many people to join in the result when they will know that the only reward for the whole similar efforts will only be "good feel" (or just something more to portfolio)

    why i realized similiar idea: becouse on your fanart site and fanfiction is many quality artist.... but is question who is still active from them...

  • I think you'll find most of the artists are inactive now. :( Maybe just active on other websites, but still inactive here on Thorn Valley.

    Maybe an illustrated story of some sort. One that anyone can contribute to depending on their talents or abilities. I don't know if we have enough man-power for animation, but that may be fun, too.

    I'd vote digital animation if any animation at all, because it requires less people and is easier to accomplish, which is important for a first group project. We could even try to get members to voice act for it if they're interested in that. It's ambitious, but I kind of like the idea. :)

    I'd be interested in helping out if you get this started.

  • This actually sounds pretty cool. I'm interested, though I don't really know anything about the film making process.

    I prefer 2D animation over 3D, but I'd be okay with whichever worked better for everyone. I think 2D is cheaper (for larger studios anyway,) but, like Mandy said, would take a little more talent to pull off.

    I wouldn't say "more people" is a requirement for 2D, though. There was this one cartoon, feature length, made almost entirely by one man. It was basically Romeo & Juliet with seals or something. But apparently, it wasn't very good.

    I think this would be a fun project. Would it be a tribute/fan sequel to NIMH, or something new entirely?

  • I'd also be inclined to 3d... but all depend how many people want join... probably i little hope, that you have, at least Simon, as oldest administrator still have some contacts on other quality artist and now inactive...

    But that does not mean we can not start little by little .... if only from considerations...

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