Wandering Days.

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I hope to get the entire fanfic up within the coming month. In the meantime, I posted chapter one!


Enjoy. XD


  • I've had to rewrite characters and scenarios a little bit....well ALOT....but I should have the story up by the end of June at the latest and I actually promise you it will be done.

    Next chapter deals with a drunk man, sounds lovely!


  • Yay indeed! I always love seeing new chapters for any NIMH fanfiction. One interesting thing I noticed is that the characters acted a lot more human than most fanfictions I've read. And I'm not bothered at all by the late-ness of the chapter. After all, we're all procrastinators.

  • Swayti14 said:

    Yay indeed! I always love seeing new chapters for any NIMH fanfiction. One interesting thing I noticed is that the characters acted a lot more human than most fanfictions I've read. And I'm not bothered at all by the late-ness of the chapter. After all, we're all procrastinators.

    I don't have as much free time as I did when I first joined the fandom. In fact, I have very little free time now-a-days. I'm gonna use that as an excuse why I haven't started this sooner. I also had to rewrite and reexamine the story 3 times. At the end of the day, I'm aiming at about 20 chapters or less depending on what I feel should be included.

    So what is my goal with all this? Well, take a look at the canon material: A strong female lead (Mrs. Brisby) who isn't objectified going through hell and having a better understanding of herself and the world around her. So I took that and instead of writing a sequel, I did a prequel due to the fact that very little has been done in that regard, with few exceptions (The Brisby Beginning). To clarify, I'm making a story about a strong female lead (Clementine) who was born a prisoner in strange situation, trying to learn more about herself and the world around her while suffering heartache and loss and experiencing joy and courage.

    And I do try to keep my characters well defined if nothing else. If you write the characters well, I find that the story kinda writes itself. The characters are the ones interacting with the world and they're the focus. I know I rant about this constantly, but my philosophy for fiction writing/prose isn't that the world around them or the events occurring should be the star, it's the characters to whom the event is occurring to that should be the main driving force. Otherwise you get a bunch of wooden characters that play for a puppet master. Better yet, you could make the world a character itself, with its own agenda/well defined personality. I didn't try that here, but it would be a good challenge!

    Are you writing your own fanfic? You can send it to me or put it on the forum here if you'd like! I know my past reputation of ranting/criticism isn't fading, but I think I've gotten more fair over the years if you want me to read it over. :3

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    Yes, actually. Well, at least I'm trying. First off, I'm going to say that yes, this is Tristin from the NIMHmuck. There, removed any doubt. And if my count's correct, I've gone through 6 versions of the story, and every time, I find I'm doing something horribly wrong(giant plot holes, Gary Stus, and things that would not work[i.e., a character building a gun about 5 years after the escape]). I finally think I've settled on a decent idea. To put everything into perspective, I've outlined a brief and vague outline of most of the changes.

    .5: The driving force behind this has been the character Brandon. He started as a fan character FOR a fanfiction(The Children of NIMH). In short, the ultimate Gary Stu, but I didn't notice this at the time. He's gone through a LOT of changes since I thought him up, but many of his physical characteristics have remained the same. He's a tall mouse with dark brown fur and eyes. He is a good at making creative solutions to problems. And that's about all that's stuck with him through the changes. I won't even begin to describe what he was, it's that painful. But, I decided that although writing a fanfiction for a fanfiction would be flattering for the author, it would be very unoriginal. And so it begins...

    1: Brandon escapes along with the Rats and lives on the farm. Even had a sequel and a conclusion. I thought I had some great ideas. Thought. About this time I found the definition of a Gary Stu on the internet(notice the comment about a gun 5 years in). When I noticed this, straight to the trash can.

    2: "Nerfed" Brandon, changed the ending. Still didn't like it. Tossed the plot altogether.

    3: This one took time to think up, a month to get a vague idea. In the beginning, I was really hard pressed to find something original. I was focused on putting this character on the farm with the Rats and the others. I almost gave up and re-read some old fanfics for ideas. About halfway through The Secret of the Stone, a 15" shell hit me in the face that was labeled "inspiration". I literally said aloud, "That's it!". I thought, why put him on the farm? Why not somewhere else?

    So the bonds of writer's block were broken. Temporarily. Eventually, this one ground to a halt for several reasons. One, not enough characters to keep it interesting. One truly is the loneliest number and after reading a few pages of what I had down, it became so repetitive and boring that I threw it away in disgust. Two, Brandon was still a bit overpowered. Three, technological disconformities. Four, terrible ending. About 5% of this is part of the current version.

    4: Revamped 3 and removed plot holes. Nerfed Brandon again, this time a lot harder. Added 5 more mice. Lengthened the story. Of course, there were still problems. One, the mice go to war with the Rats because Brandon "insulted" a council member. Like that would ever happen. Another thing, the home the mice had made was found by the government and nuked. No. Just no. About 50% of the plot survives in the current version.

    5: Fixed things in a big way. On a move that was borderline B.S. and cheating, I made the distance between the Rats and Mice greater. Much greater. So with an incident involving a moving van and a stray dog, the mice get shipped off to southwest Missouri. Why on earth would you do that?, you ask? For two reasons. One, I know the geology and geography of the area. This was important because of some of the things I had planned for the mice. I didn't want to end up doing something that would happen in the Ozarks, but would never happen around Maryland and that kind of place. Two, if the scientists went looking for them, there would be no way to track them that far. So they're in The Ozarks now.

    Extended the story even more. Now this part really glued me to the wall. I decided that humankind was far to much of a threat(even in the sparsely populated Ozarks) to allow the story to continue past a certain point. Time for the hard part. The mice have to survive or not be effected by whatever removes humans from the equation. A plague? Too clichéd and overused. A 400-mile-wide asteroid? Would definitely remove humans from the equation, but the mice as well. A supervolcano like Yellowstone? Original, but probably not enough to wipe out humanity/force it to its knees. Some really unlikely astrophysical event? Sounds really unlikely. I eventually solved this problem using a mix of factors. So, humans removed. Problem solved. Now the story really took the reigns and planning became easy.

    And that's where I'm at now. I just need to get it all down. By extending the story, it's become about 100-200 chapters long, probably the latter. Not even joking. That's what's kept me from going any further. That much writing is going to be a very daunting task, but Mr. Leemhuis has about 120 so far.


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