The Circle of Suffering....Or how to better understand Debra Experiments...

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As I'm finishing up this fanfic, I have a few things I'd like to share with you....

First off, as noted a million times before, I'm not into delving into the magic elements of SoN too much. I feel like trying to reason with Don Bluth's depiction of the stone and telekinesis is a waste of effort.

So why then am I doing these surreal/magical like transitions between events? And what's with this red mineral that's clearly going to be used as the basis of the stone?

Good questions. The answer? I'm taking liberties and adding my own twists to the magical elements of NIMH without explaining why or how they exist.

Second off, you might be thinking 'this is a lot like Jacob's Ladder!' Keen eye for observation, huh?

Yes, I took liberally from Jacobs Ladder, but added my own twists to the main quote to have it more about desire than the freeing of the soul after death.

Google Samsara if you wish to better understand the Buddhist teaching of The Circle of Suffering. The Wikipedia article will probably do. Also Google Tanha if you want to learn about how desire shapes us and our suffering according to the Buddhist philosophy, but I'll explain it briefly here.

There are 3 types of Tanha.

One has to do with the desire for sensual experiences and wanting to give in to such sensual experiences in order to receive pleasure.

One has to do with the desire to become something, to have an experience to be someone.

One has to do with the wanting to not experience the world, to terminate it.

I'm not a master on Buddhist philosophy and there's sure to be errors in my fanfic, but I am doing this for funsies and admit that it's not very good.

To conclude, look for ways in which Will personifies these 3 types of Tanha and how it ties in to his suffering as a character. You'll probably enjoy the story a bit more.


  • Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

    Spoilers for part 7 of the Debra Experiments are below, so be warned if you actually care about such things! Here I'm going to explain some of my line of thought for creating The Debra Experiments and what went in to some of the creative process specifically for part 7.

    When I first began thinking about Debra Experiments, I was going to base it off the alternate history time line of the Metal Gear Solid games with my own twist. I'm not going to explain what the alternate time line of the Metal Gear games are because it's....yeah...not gonna work. It wasn't going to be a crossover, per-se, but I wanted some kind of government conspiracy story for funsies. Why was the NIMH injection created? For what purpose? I played with these questions a bit and was partially inspired by Chris Silva's fanfics in this regard.

    Then, of course, I dropped the whole Metal Gear Solid stuff and based it more off the plot point in Jacob's Ladder where the US soldiers were being tested on with a drug that made them start killing each other. I made my own twists of course and also implemented the Buddhist philosophy that the movie had.

    I didn't really have a storyboard for this fanfic, I just wrote as I went along with my influences on my sleeve.

    There's a few historical places/events I mentioned in my fanfic that actually do exist/have happened. Cam Ranh Air Base, for example is a real US airbase in Vietnam. Rubies are also mined at Yen Bai in Vietnam. NIMH was established in 1949 (formally). The Sinchon Massacre was a real event that involved the slaughtering of Korean citizens during the Korean War (cause unknown). The Vietnam War ended in April of 1975. Korean War began in 1950. Etc, etc.

    The song in part one is called "Here's to you" and was included in the Metal Gear 5 soundtrack. I thought it fit the story because the song describes two men who fought against tyranny only to get screwed over by their country. Link:

    More to say later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  • More Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

    Now I'll try my best to go through the whole process on how I concluded the story.

    Well, I honestly didn't want a story that started out with everyone happy and ended with everyone happier than the beginning. To me a character has to go through hardships, man up to their errors and define for themselves what it means to be happy. I was originally going to make this a tragedy, but I felt that would be harder for me to pull off (yay laziness!). That doesn't mean that I'm done with the NIMH universe, however, so maybe there's time for things to go...south? :O

    This story was originally going to be longer too before I introduced the blackouts. I was to go about detailing the whole Vietnam mission, Anna and baby Jonathan being alone, and a fight scene involving Raul (Hyu) and Will. All of that was cut from the final version of the story. It would've been cool to have those scenes, so why cut them? I wanted to have the story centered entirely on Will. I didn't want to jump between scene to scene and detail everything that didn't involve Will and his mental state. Yes, part of it has to do with laziness and having to manually connect events, but for my first story, it was just easier for me to focus on one character.

    So yeah, the blackouts were a plot device to help further Will's troubled development. They were a side of effect of the drug made by the Debra Experiments. Once someone with the drug goes through some traumatic event that involved them to use violence along with the physical strength granted by the drug, they would experience blackouts and hallucinations that sometimes spiraled them out of control. They would see events and such in the future and past that show them their darkest secrets and force them to confront them. The story is structured in such a way to help show Will what he truly wants in order defeat those blackouts once and for all. He's a sexually frustrated mouse who needs to appreciate what he has with Anna. The demon at the end was Anna tied naked to a bed, which symbolizes his most dreaded desire, that of sex for the physical pleasure of it and his wife conforming to it. I obviously had a Silent Hill 2 influence here. :P

    The Tarnelous legend I made up was just something I made up that may or may not come into play in future stories. :P

    There's probably a lot of other lingering stuff I have left to say, but I do plan to use some of it for future stories if I care to make them... n.n

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