I'm so happy this forum exists

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As the title says I'm thrilled Thorn Valley exists. I've been a fan of the original movie since I first saw it. I loved the animation style, characters, pretty much everything about it. Recently it has helped me through a bought of depression. It really gave me something enjoyable to focus on, and rewatching it now has given me new perspectives on alot of the film.

Thanks my desire to learn more about the movie and the books, I stumbled onto this site. I look forward to trying to read as much of your collective works as I can.


  • Me too. I'm glad there's a place for other Secret of NIMH fans. It's a pretty obscure movie now. I hope you have fun reading the discussions and contributing to them. It's nice to hear how the film helped you through your depression.

  • Welcome aboard, AudiSport. I think all of us are glad it exists too, even if activity has been down lately. Hope you’ve been checking out the old forums too, there’s a lot of lively discussions there. And Robin’s Archive too, of course.

  • Welcome to the Thorn Valley Forums, AudiSport! I am glad to read that you share the same interests as most of us do with the film. NIMH has taken the spot of my most favorite animations and I believe it will be at the top for years to come. Can't beat classic animation B-)

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