What do you like that everyone else seems to hate?

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Greta brought up an interesting topic a bit earlier, so I thought I'd bring up its inverse.

Actual headphones would be one of my biggest examples of this. Sure, they're bulkier than earbuds, but I'd much rather have music than static.


  • I don't think people hate them exactly, but I have weird hobbies that are probably not so common for anyone younger than my grandparents. Like birdwatching. I get weird looks when I tell people that.

  • Puns.

  • Oh, thanks for providing an inverse to this. This one will be much more positive. I don't like the headphones you stick directly up your ear, I have a feeling it's really bad for your hearing, especially when you accidentally turn the volume way up. But they're so cheap and they're what most stores sell.

  • Well, for this one—again, regrettably—the prequel trilogy of Star Wars. Crazy, huh? I like the trilogy most people hate, but I dislike the upcoming films.

  • The Secret of NIMH (jk lol)

    Apple products, especially the iPhone and OSX. I started using Mac's in 2009 and haven't looked back. I haven't missed having anti-viris software on my computer once.

    Beats by Dre. I'll agree that they are over priced but they sound pretty damn good. The active noise cancellation is pretty neat also.

    I'll agree with ARAJediMaster about the Star Wars prequels. I thought the story(s) was good just some (most) of the acting and direction was bad.

  • The 90s. Just the 90s. More specifically most 90s movies. A lot of people hate that decade or find it too weird. They're wrong. It's the best decade in terms of films and culture.

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