Poking back in after so many years

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Wow, coming back here gives me so much nostalgia.


Hello, I'm Jaybie . I don't know if anyone here will remember me, back in the late 90s I first discovered NIMH fandom at age 11 when I was obsessed with it. I used to hang out at Badbird's forum as 'Jewel' and then the old Thorn Valley website as "Hazy Dreamstar" and I once tried to submit my ridiculous super crossover to Robin's. I was an annoying little thing who liked the sequel (I now understand all of it's flaws but hey back then I was a little kid). Robin's NIMH fanfiction archive was what inspired me to get into fanfiction because I wanted so badly to be a good enough writer to submit there. I never got anything into that particular site but that goal got me into fanfiction. Writing fanfiction made me realize that I really wanted to be a writer. So....thanks. Also thanks to some of the older fans out there for being so nice to me. I spent a lot of time online and got picked on pretty heavily in school back then.

I'm 24 years old now and I've gotten into some other stuff ( Harry Potter, Digimon, Danny Phantom mainly) and started working on some original stuff. When I look at my works I have noticed that there's just a little bit of NIMH influence in there (there's a reason one of my protagonists are named Timothy). I love looking around this site now and getting waves of memory (although some of the things I said and did do leave me cringing ha ha). Sadly I have lost the muse for writing NIMH fic (I don't think I could portray the characters well enough). But I do enjoy looking at some of the other stuff here.


  • Hi JaybieJay! And welcome back! n.n

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. I never knew you from the old forum, but would like to welcome you anyway. I love Digimon and Harry Potter too. I liked Digimon, but it was kind of overshadowed by pokemon. Know of any good digimon sites or forums? Secret of Nimh inspired me to get into writing too. I would rather make up my own characters though, or use other fandoms. Even if I don't respond, I read a lot of the discussions here. I told the story of how I discovered secret of NIMH on the tell your story thread. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/05/science/young-blood-may-hold-key-to-reversing-aging.html

  • Thank you

    Sweet, And yeah I agree. I remember there were a lot of people who accused it of being a rip off of Pokemon. Also Harry Potter is a thing I still love.

    I hang out on fandom secrets, reddit and tumblr. ( http://jaybiejay.tumblr.com/ ) (don't worry I tend to reblog bright fun things on here)

    I love creating my own characters as well and I know an awesome site for keeping your original characters' info. ( https://charahub.com/refer/g14n )

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