Stone origin story? Share yours!

So I decided not to finish "Wandering Days." After about 5 revisions, I figure it's time to pull the plug, unless there's renewed interest in the NIMH community. However, I will share my stupid, nonsensical, and even more stupid Stone origin story for your reading displeasure!

Both Jonathan and Nicodemus were a part of special program as both were discovered to be the respective leaders of the mice and rats respectively. Because the story is in the rats' point of view and with the exception of some nightmares during the process, neither Jonathan nor Nicodemus couldn't remember the details of the experiment. Nicodemus, however, sees visions of Jenner taking over the colony and bringing it to its demise. The only way to stop the colony from its fate as far as Nicodemus can tell is to create a "work of good" (as Nicodemus describes it), forged with the power of courage for which the underlying effort is to do what is right even under what may seem insurmountable circumstances. He also sees a mouse in command of it, a conduit of its power, though the image is fogged. Thinking it to be Jonathan, who has the secret power to create objects of beauty out of ordinary objects, he has him be the maker of the Stone. With Nicodemus' help with conducting electrical powers the stone is created. Imbued with the power as long as its user has the courage to and wisdom to do what is right and just. Jonathan doubts his own destiny to be the one to be the conduit of its power, thinking himself too corrupt, and that someone with a more simple mind should be the conduit instead. He writes an inscription on the back as a reminder for when the time comes, its user must possess courage of the heart. "You can unlock any door if you only have the key."

Anyway, I feel it worth sharing. I know its stupid, but I thought I'd share anyway. :p

Anyone want to share their own origin story? Or make one up?


  • I was wondering if anyone was going to do this... I might as well do one of mine...

    The Stone was made by Atlantians(did I spell it right?). They blow themselves up with it. Divers near Santorini find the Stone in the late 1800's. They observe strange interactions with it and electricity. So they bring it to Nikola Tesla. He studies it and accidently creates the Tunguska event(so original, isn't it?). He is scared by its power and buries it in Maryland. The Rats find it.

    How it works: It needs some kind of energy/material sacrifice(Matter->Energy). Example: The skin on Mrs. Brisby's hands/paws. Energy works, but it needs a lot of it, because the Stone is very wasteful. The more a user is accustomed to the stone, the less energy is wasted. The stone can grow or shrink depending on the user's size.

    What it does: Passively: The user will not age. The user is immune to disease and drugs of any kind. The Stone helps the user think faster and make better decisions. Plants grow faster near the user. Any excess energy is converted into light and heat. There can be multiple simultaneous passive users. While "active": The user is totally indestructible. Telekinesis, flight, and other minor things are at the command of the user as long as it is active. Other limits: After activation, there is a cooldown period proportional to the amount of energy expended. Only certain beings can be users(it's genetic?). It is a computer, so it can be "coded" to do more things.

    I think I got everything.

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    Well, PM, I might have something, but not in a way you would expect it to be.

    Actually, nobody would know precisely how the Stone came to be. However, from what ancient Je’daii scholars (the predecessors of the Jedi Order) on the Inner Rim world of Tython, had studied the “Courage of the Heart” and uncovered its connections to the Force. When it is in the possession of a user with a noble and courageous heart or one who has braved many dangers to order to complete a task (for good or for ill), the Stone would delve into the Force’s power and enhance the user’s own abilities and powers to whatever end the Force requires that user to achieve.

    It was one of five similar stones that the scholars had studied; a blue stone called the Skill of the Warrior, an amethyst (purple/violet) stone for the Strength of the Flesh, gold for the Purity of the Spirit, and green for the Insight of the Mind. The scholars believed that if each user could succeed in the trials of skill, mind, and spirit would the stones yield more secrets of the Force. Unfortunately, some of the students were too greedy for their own good, and whenever one had attempted to take one of the stones, the teachers would have use everything in their powers to stop them.

    Eventually, the Stones were abandoned, but not entirely forgotten. The scholars had wisely ordered the construction of special temples to hide the Stones until a worthy Force-user could come and claim them. Palpatine eventually rediscovered their existence after a Jedi Knight on Naboo had found the Insight of the Mind.

    Another Jedi and a local boy had accompanied the Jedi had uncovered it after finding themselves in a cave where a creature had guarded it. The creature had apparently let it go when the boy had somehow communicated with it, and discovered that it wanted to relinquish its guardian role if only that the Jedi would help it find a way out onto the surface.

    Palpatine grew interested in the Stone, but decided not to pursue it in fears of its abilities exposing him to the Jedi. Instead, Palpatine decided to secretly eliminate the Jedi along with the others where few would suspect he would be. As a matter of “killing two birds with one stone”, Palpatine ordered the construction of a hidden military base and laboratory underneath the research facilities of NIMH. His goal: perpetual immortality and permanent control of his galaxy and many more.

    However, unbeknownst to the soon-to-be Emperor, the Jedi had unconsciously brought the Stone with him. As the tests continued on the mice and rats, the Stone began to slowly grant them intelligence as well as knowledge in reading, mathematics, sciences, ethics, and more. While the animals made their plans to escape and executed them, Palpatine had initiated Order 66 at this time after turning Anakin to the Dark Side. The clones and some staff members had turned on the Jedi. He had escaped, but not without losing his Padawan.

    The Jedi had escaped aboard the supply ship, thanks to his skills in stealth and the crew unaware of the events that had just occurred. The location of the Jedi is currently unknown, but Imperial Intelligence has received reports of sightings on certain worlds where Senator Bail Organa is conducting mercy missions.

    As for the Stone in the film, another Jedi had uncovered it and was planning to hide it on Earth. Unfortunately, the Jedi was killed by a squad of stormtroopers before he could reach it. Luckily, Jonathan had found and recovered the Stone, and presented it to Nicodemus who hid it away until it could be used in its own good time.

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