Happy April Fools Day

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Didn't have time to make a new april-fools page for Thorn Valley this year, but please enjoy my pranks from previous years:

  • 2007 (warning: autoplaying music and animated background; nothing too serious, though)
  • 2009 (warning: autoplaying music)
  • 2011 (warning: autoplaying music)

There used to be one for 2008, but it had a video that used copyrighted music so it got taken down, and I don't want to host a large file like that on my server. :P



  • I liked the edited one of Jenner and the disco balls.

    "You look lost," Timothy observes. "I'm not surprised; Simon is always 'improving' things by moving them around. Can I help you find something?"

    No, Timothy, stop Simon before he 'improves' the site by turning it into a terrible site about the sequel!

    Did you get any funny emails about it?

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