NIMHmuck has moved, go to

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The domain was allowed to expire and I can't purchase it (and have mixed feelings about trying to buy it anyway since NIMHmuck hasn't had any activity to speak of in the past while). If you still want to log on, you can do so at the following address: port 4567

or via the web at (you may need to clear your browser cache)



  • BTW, while I intend on keeping the server up for a while, NIMHmuck is basically dead and you should not anticipate it remaining up in the future, unless there is a sudden resurgence of interest. If there is anything you'd like to keep a copy of (e.g. descriptions, page mail, etc.), I suggest you do so sooner rather than later.

  • Wow, I didn't know that NIMHmuck was still running, I figured you had closed it along time ago.. What did happened, why did it die like that?`

  • Well, not long after I joined(2010-ish), it just kinda fizzled out. IIRC some of the core members had IRL stuff to deal with and haven't returned. We tried a reboot in 2012 that met with some success(I remember one RP from it that I participated in), but it died down after a month or so. It's been quiet ever since. Cedric, Tim, and Umbra are usually on at about 8 P.M. CST on weekends, and I try to be on as well about that time.

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