Why you shouldn't expect me to review your NIMH fanfic.

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I've gotten several inbox messages over the past couple of years asking me to review NIMH fanfiction. Why? I don't know. I can list several reasons why it's not a good idea for me to even try to criticize something or construct any sort of opinion towards anything. And I guess I find it flattering that people somehow deem me worthy of such an honor to review their fanfic or a fanfic from another person. But I'll just be very clear here: I suffer from Dysgraphia, a type of Dyslexia. If you don't know what it is you can Google it, but to summarize, it's extremely hard for me to do any sort of reviewing because of it.

If I ever use confrontational language against your work or any sort of harsh wording I find it hard to forgive myself. And I'm prone to doing such behaviors. I was raised on the principle that everything I did was shit and I was reminded on a daily basis that everything I did was shit. My writing, my speech, my movements, how I ate my food, how I couldn't tie my shoes, etc. That's part of the problem with society these days. It's that we raise our children and ourselves towards a perfection that doesn't exist. And I often say to myself that the worst thing you can do to an artist is to tell them their work is perfect when its not.

But moving on, I often find beauty in those artists who use and embrace their imperfections instead of those trying to reach for Oscar/Politzer/Grammy gold. Chances are if you're embracing your strengths too often and not challenging your weaknesses, I'm going to view it as mediocre or worse. I'd rather you at least try to at least address your weaknesses with some effort rather than constantly doing the things you do well. That's also a tough part of being a critic; you have to explain to your audience how such and such person under-performs and excels in certain areas. And with said learning disability, that becomes hard. If I were to say that 'your characters are too similar, please try and flesh them out a bit more and give the audience someone to root for or question' for example, and I continue to see that you're relying heavily on romance between characters who are nothing but attractive and forgiving and not fleshed out, I tend to be harder on you. I want my criticisms to be viewed as constructive, but it's often hard for me to come out without being harsh and it's difficult for me to give certain examples or flesh out my own critique.

So, while I'm honored that you want me to review something, don't expect it.


  • I can see why and I understand. I’m sorry that I brought up my request Stitchpunk89’s story based on what she has right now. However, if you’ve managed to review it what she has this far, I’d like to hear it.

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