Hey A9!...in case you missed it...

This is addressed to A9, who was a poster on the old TV forum. Hopefully he'll read this soon.

Back in February you sent me this PM on the old forum:

Hello! Hah, you probably don't even remember sending me that PM...two years ago! I just asked Simon to reset my password since I forgot it many years ago and got busy with grad school and work and all that other silly RL stuff :) Actually your name just came up in a conversation about long-time NIMH fans. I've been around (lurking mostly) since 1997 but have been a fan since the 80s. Like you, I write fan fiction--lots of fan fiction. When I saw you posting your fics here, I was so so so happy that someone else is still writing! I thought I was the only one :) I haven't read your fics yet, mostly because I'm not sure where to start, though I took a look at a couple. It's really neat that you have such a well-established story line and history; it makes that world seem real. I think we have very different takes on things, but I'm still very interested to read your stories--I love NIMH fics that are so well thought out. :) A9

I didn't discover it until a day or two before Simon took down the old forum permanently. I sent a reply but because the old forum went down so soon afterward you might have missed it. So here it is again:

Hey A9! Yikes, I just now came across your PM! Mainly it’s because Simon is starting up a new forum so I haven’t checked out the old one much in the last month or so. If you want to reply to this you’d need to do it through the new forum because he’s preparing to shut down the old one soon (in case you don’t already know). Thanks for your kind words on my work, and feel free to leave feedback when you get the chance on the new forum. I assume the two of mine you’ve read so far are the first two I posted to Robin’s, and I’ve posted all of them in chronological sequence. I have been doing this a long time, long enough to get a whole history set up; I’ve always been a stickler for continuity. Are any of the other fics on Robin’s yours but under your real name? Hope to hear from you soon. Dave


  • Ka-bump. :D

    Hey A9! Glad to see you could find your way back here!

  • Hey Dave! :D I did in fact miss that message--got busy with moving and other boring RL stuff and didn't end up on the new forum until recently. I don't -think- any of the fics on Robin's are mine. I had one up there about, oh, 15 years ago (suddenly feeling really old...) but I asked her to take it down because it was poorly written and I knew I'd never finish it. Although I am about 2/3 done with a new one that I plan to post...I think Simon is reading it now and hopefully he will have some great feedback for me because I'm kinda stuck ;) At this point I'd have to re-read your stories, but I am curious to read them all in order now that you're finished with the latest one. Are you planning to write more? Good to hear from you!

  • ^ Thanks for your interest. Check the Jan. 30 post in the “On the Fan-Fiction Balcony” thread. I’m working on it off and on now and hope to have it up in a month or two.

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