"He remembers her and so do we all..."

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen this but I thought it only right to show it here:


Thank you Doug...


  • I think that's the fifth TSoN related video he's done. It was number one of the top 11 Underrated classics (actually where I found out this movie even existed a year or so ago, no joke), I think it was #13 on his top 20 favorite movies. And let's not forget when he uses the Death Star on Timmy to the Rescue. There may be another one, but I'm just having one of those days where you can't remember anything.

    I wonder if he'll ever find our site.

    Good find there, sir!

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    While I don't really care for these bloggers who post up reviews of movies with lots of swearing and pop-culture jokes, I really do like this tribute to my favorite animated character. And judging by his more recent work, he seems to be getting MUCH better at actually reviewing movies. Rather than making bad jokes for 20-30 minutes, he actually satirizes and pokes fun at what's actually wrong with the films and the direction they're taking. I can tell he loves films, and I actually look forward to more of his work. His recent episode about his top 11 South Park episodes was well made too.

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