Dear Fandoms...Embrace anarchy!

Have you seen the new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer?

It's fucking brilliant, dare I say perfect. This is exactly what I want out of a Sonic I'm not being sarcastic (really I'm not).

Of course people with...ahem...poor taste complained about how awesomely ridiculous Sonic looked and the studio is now changing the appearance of said Hedgehog. Those same people are claiming victory now that people are working overtime with little to no pay redesigning something that is perfect.

Fandoms, grow up...embrace anarchy!

This goes for the NIMH community whenever or if-ever said remake comes out. If Mrs. Frisby turns out to be badass momma mouse who looks like she was designed by someone on PCP who's voiced by Melissa Mccarthy or something, you own that shit!

I'm actually being serious. That sacred intellectual property isn't gonna be ruined by the existence of something new and different. Embrace it!

I'll be back in another 3-4 months if this is still around. Oh, and every trailer must have Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio in there! It's now mandatory.

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