Dream or vision of a Thorn Valley-based role play with three-dimensional visionary

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  • You see what appears to be two gnarled paws of a rodent dipping a pen into a pot of ink as they begin to write in a book while saying "I have had this vision of a Thorn Valley-based role play with three-dimensional visionary involving an attack by a manner of beasts that appear to be rodent-like and were quite huge. It has been a long time since our departure from the rose bush at the Fitzgibbon's Farm and a longer time since our departure from NIMH, and yet I sense our troubles have not yet ended. We don't know how much longer there will be some kind of activity from our fandom trying to revitalise the Thorn Valley website. Simon is a dear friend who once brought fan prosperity to the Rats of NIMH through the creation of the Thorn Valley website. Under his leadership, we have built it underground, beneath the thorn thicket, where neither human nor predator can reach. We harness electricity to power the website at the nearby river. Thanks in part to Elizabeth Brisby, we were able to start a new civilization. And yet I feel our world is still changing as I taste it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for I am lost, knowing how to help Simon. He knows nothing of these ideas or any Revitalisation Plan. Perhaps best that I do nothing at present until I figure these visions out."

  • The rodent takes a bit of a break from writing in a book and soon proceeds to write some more while saying "The last vision I had which prompt me to write this entry happened while I was dozing off a few nights ago. In the vision, I have seen a mouse who resembled Elizabeth Brisby's son Timothy arriving at the entrance of what looked to be a version of Thorn Valley and surrounding areas under construction for role playing purposes. He seemed to be looking to get help for something while unable to proceed past the entrance for some reason or another. However, I have seen someone resembling Greta who has a similar appearance to Elizabeth Brisby's daughter Teresa showing up there and leading Timothy further into the Thorn Valley construction toward the library to get whatever assistance he is needing. On the way there, they come to a location where others resembling a number of other members of the Thorn Valley forums appear to be there and seemingly involved with the Thorn Valley role play construction. The one resembling Greta seems to have stopped there at that point to talk to them while leaving Timothy waiting there to be taken to the library or whatever he is being taken to. He soon appears to be wondering what is going on, but then they suddenly appear to be under attack by a number of creatures."

  • He stops for a second or two to dip his pen into a pot of ink before continuing to write while saying, "From what I can tell, the creatures were a manner of beasts that look to be rodent-like and were quite huge. This is strange as I don't know whether this is the work of Jenner back from the grave to plot revenge against Thorn Valley or the work of some other unknown force. The next thing I have seen in the vision is everyone there besides Timothy and the one resembling Greta trying to fend off the huge rodent-like creatures at first, but then I saw everyone making a run for it back to the entrance of the Thorn Valley construction with Timothy behind them trying to keep up. He soon comes to what appears to be a large gap in the floor and ends up having to jump across it to get back to the entrance area. Timothy manages to make it across the gap as I have seen him running away from the entrance area. The next thing I have seen was Timothy running out a door to a human dwelling to what looks like a human made street, and then going down the street to where the others appeared to have stopped running. He meets back up with them as they appear to be heading back toward the door where Timothy came out of. Right as they come to the door, I see what appears to be the huge rodent-like creatures inside the door banging up against it while trying to break through it to attack. As I see everyone quickly going to the door to try to keep it shut, I also see Timothy becoming nervous like it could get worst and heads away instead to go somewhere else. I'm not sure what happened afterward as that is when the vision had ended and I found myself back in my own resting place unsure of what this vision could mean."

  • He finishes writing what he needed to write in the book and turns your attention toward a vision device revealing an image of what Timothy might have looked like in three-dimensional visionary as shown below and says, "Oh, and by the way, this is an image I have gotten of what Timothy may look like in three-dimensional visionary if you were wondering about that."


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    Heh n.n

    This seems like a good place to leave this: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7712019/

  • I can already see the Valley liven up already! Look there's a deer! Let's take a closer look at it!


    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's a human! NIMH found us! Thorn Valley is doomed I tells yas. Run away run away!

  • By the way, I am trying out some ideas based from some dream I had some days ago to see what you think. And the image I posted was taken from Second Life where I attempted to try to make a Timothy Brisby shirt to see what one could look like in 3d.

  • Cool, I was in the dream too. Unless you mean someone's fanfic character Greta. I would like to make or draw an avatar of myself that sort of looks like Cynthia and has a bow but is not exactly like her. I know massive multiplayer online games where you can be any animal you like, including a mouse exist, but I wouldn't have time to play one anyway. I don't know how well the NIMH muck we had here did either.

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