Songs that get stuck in your head.

I already made a music thread, but this thread is specifically for songs that get stuck in your head. Yeah!

Ur Boy Bangz - Take You to the Movies:

^^Specifically the refrain. Bangz is my hero. He's got the popcorn he knows what else you like!

Undertale - the whole damn soundtrack really is stuck in my head but I give props to Megalovania

I have many more, but I don't feel like spamming the thread with youtube links, so how's about you list your songs stuck in your head if you want!


  • Well, I found myself randomly humming the Ginyu Transformation Theme the past few months

    Bad Apple is a tune that will never leave.

    And here's the new kid on the block, the Iris Heart theme.

  • ^^These look interesting, tho I'm not really interested in anime beyond the cosplaying scene. I'll check these songs out tho.

    I got The Ghostbusters and Terminator themes stuck in my head as well as a few Nirvana songs. I just didn't want to spam the first post with lots of YT links, so I didn't link them. n.n

  • Pfft. Amateurs.

  • NNNOOOOOOO!!! SIMON!!!!!!! D: WHYYYYYY!? Omg I haven't even played the video and I can hear it.. :( You're going to be the death of me, Simon. XD

  • @Simon said: Pfft. Amateurs.

    I mayyyyyyyy be able to one up you. I'm not sure tho:

  • Oh nooooo I just got that one out of my head last week...

  • @ThePuppetMaster said: I mayyyyyyyy be able to one up you. I'm not sure tho:

    Be glad you don't know the horror attached to Simon's video.. D: The fear in not knowing if the youtube link Simon sent was going to sing the terrible song in your ears.. v.v Possibly worse; forgetting about the video and clicking blindly. D: People were driven mad by the song and others driven to unspeakable acts as they were forced to hear it, even if they didn't click the link, over someone else's microphone..v.v Unspeakable acts...LIKE LEAVING THE SKYPE CALL!!! T-T

    Not that I'm one for dramatics or anything..>.>

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    @ThePuppetMaster said: I mayyyyyyyy be able to one up you. I'm not sure tho:

    I'd put it at a close second. Mine has simpler lyrics. :3

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    I wonder if you ever had a lullaby song like this get stuck in your head for some reason:

  • I get the themes to Fame (from the 80's) and Greatest American Hero stuck in my head.

  • ^^America...if America were completely honest with itself. :3

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