A timeline for my fanfiction stories (Important to fully understand what's going on).

Yup, I'm gon' go 'head and make a timeline of events of my fanfiction stories. This isn't everything that has happened, but what's here is relevant to getting the most out of my two fanfiction stories. What's here may be subject to change, but I'm gon' go 'head and type up what I have starting with the beginnings era.

Beginnings 1783-1845

Post 1783 History is pretty much the same in my stories up to this point.


The US Revolutionary War ends with a British defeat.


Southern Loyalists (those who sided with the British during the war) in Florida form the Revolutionary Heroes Society in an attempt to reunite Loyalists who fled elsewhere after the war. They succeed in bringing in freed slaves as well as bringing in physicist Benjamin Thompson, who would become a prominent member of RHS. The British supported this movement and covertly helped in bringing together scattered Loyalists.


Along with more loyalists becoming members, the RHS spreads westward hoping to covertly take over the western US. During this time Benjamin Thompson would continue experiments on heat and its conductive properties. He reunites with his American wife and they have a son (born 1800). While expanding westward, the RHS befriends American Natives. Spiritual themes become ingrained in RHS culture and the legend of Tarnelous is created with many members of the RHS claiming to have received visions from him of future events and potential catastrophe.

1812-1815 War of 1812 occurs with and ends in a stalemate in 1815. RHS becomes involved but ultimately fails to gain ground and loses a good portion of Native members fighting to protect their land. Their presence is discovered by the US government and many (especially those with family hiding in American own territories) are imprisoned or executed. The son of Benjamin Thompson, named Henry Thompson, is appointed leader and manages to escape imprisonment. His father died in 1814 of natural causes. British disband their support of RHS and in fact is responsible for turning members of RHS in as a part of the stalemate.

1816-1845 Henry, homeless, receives messages from Tarnelous in his dreams giving him an image of location of a special mineral used in a special ritual. This mineral has the capacity to manipulate time and history when its wearer has what it takes to 'unlock any door'. He and the survivors of RHS dedicate their lives to finding this location. Eventually they were able to trace its source to Asia based off their limited knowledge, but its exact location is unknown. Henry dies in 1845, when Florida, the initial base of operations of RHS, became part of the US. The freed slaves (or families of freed slaves) of the RHS start evacuating escaped slaves westward and are eventually caught and imprisoned. The natives of RHS are also pushed back by America. This causes the RHS to become madly disorganized and disbanded. Before his death, Henry entrusted the knowledge of the mineral location to Fraizer, a freed slave, and his family who managed to escape west.



  • Alrighty, alrighty, I'll keep this short. There's A LOT more to this that required a bit (lot) of research on my part, but I only have it down it bulletpoints and in my head. So here's what you need to know to understand TTE:

    1. The mineral can only be used by animal hands. This is discovered later.
    2. The mineral, as said, requires one to have the ability 'to unlock any door'.
    3. NIMH was created as a guise by the US government to do research on animals in order to gain the power needed in order use the mineral, which was thought could be used as a weapon to bend minds and history to the wearer's favor.
    4. Resistance grows against the US government early on after it's discovered a number of recent deaths and mistrials (esp. that of Nicola and Bart) are tied to the US Government's lust for power and control. This occurs after WW1.
    5. The mineral can be liquefied and was the basis of The Debra Experiments.
    6. Also part of Debra's project was turning humans into animals, specifically rats and mice. More will be described in the story itself

    So that's all you need to know for now. Obviously I have a timeline planned from 1845-1984, but hopefully this will do. n.n

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    @ThePuppetMaster said: So that's all you need to know for now. Obviously I have a timeline planned from 1845-1984, but hopefully this will do. n.n

    And I think during that timeline of 1845-1984, precisely in 1885, is a mention that a Russian-Jewish family of mice, the Mousekewitzes, who had lived secretly with a human family named Moskowitz, were forced to flee from their home during an attack by the Cossack Cats and sometime later had boarded a tramp steamer bound for the United States.

    This suggests there is the possibility poor Fievel Mousekewitz could get caught up in something and end up experimented on at some laboratory if one exists in that time period.

    Or worse, you got some nut-job working for the National Institute for Mental Health, or NIMH for short, somehow discovering documentation or record of a "Temporal Experiment #1" that said to have taken place at Twin Pines Mall (now Lone Pine Mall) in Hill Valley, California, United States on October 26, 1985 at precisely 1:20 AM in the morning, or receiving reports about a strange locomotive with the initials E.L.B. printed on the side of it from someone with the last name of Tannen and ending up hijacking one of those time traveling contraptions for the purpose of going back to the year 1885 in research of some missing link between the Mousekewitz and the Brisby, which they think could lead them to the whereabouts of the rats who had escaped from their experiment lab sometime ago.

  • ^^Nah, that's not what's going on in my stories. You're free to use whatever part of my alternate history timeline to your own means and ends, but I'm not, personally, doing crossovers with another Bluth property and Back to the Future.

    My stories are based more or less on silly alternate history timelines that you might find in military fiction. There's more to tell here on my part, but that would take a long time writing and my time is being put elsewhere. I do have a lot of it in my head and on bulletpoints that aren't organized.

    I had fun doing some research and making this sound somewhat plausible, tho. I wanted more effort put in than simply making a NIMH Prequel or Sequel. n.n

  • Apparently, what I just wrote here has given me some thoughts on fan fiction I'm trying to work on.

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