Okay I'm back!

Post the first...in I have know Idea how long!

After a LOOONG hiatus I have finally decided to sit down and work on my first Nimh fan-fic. A few of you older posters might remember me going on about writing one a while back. My aim issue with actually sitting down and typing things out is not only time but also a real deluge of ideas writhing around in my head! Characters, scenarios, you name it it's in there.

With that said I am interested in finding out how some of you go about your writing process? Right now I have started to make notes on characters motivations, setting and timeframe that sort of thing.I also wouldn't mind someone to bounce ideas off of!


  • I just write and re-read. Pretty simple. If you get writers block, then write what's on your mind for about 5 minutes until you get that brain clicking. With so many ideas in your head, one is bound to stick out if you do this. Alternatively you can go for a walk, that also helps.

  • Pretty much what TPM said. Since you already have some ideas, you should write them down, and eventually it should become clearer which story elements will work the best and what directions you’ll want to take.

    You’ve bounced ideas off of and asked for advice from me in the past, so feel free to do so again.

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