Introducing DonutHoles

Hi all, DonutHoles here...I have always bin a fan of classical animation and have bin a big Secret of NIMH fan for as long as I can remember. I've known of this site and forum for quite a wile, Since at least the late 90's, and have always regarded it as one of the best.. I'm looking foreword to finely being part of the community!! :)


  • Hey Donut. :) Welcome to the forums!

    It's a bit quiet as of late, but there's always the possibility that it'll pick up a little. XD Kick off your shoes and stay a while, though. :3 We have punch in the back, and I hope you enjoy your time. :P

  • Welcome, DonutHoles! Glad you like the site, and glad you've joined up! n.n

  • Good to meet you, DonutHoles, and welcome aboard!

  • Hey, welcome aboard, DonutHoles! We're glad to have you join our humble NIMH community. :)

  • Welcome :)

  • Thanks all! :)

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