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It's time to post our ultimately vain attempts of our dream casting for the new NIMH movie. And by our, I mean mine and ONLY mine because this list is the definite casting for the ultimate NIMH movie. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my super serious casting choices for the new NIMH movie.

~ Rosie O'Donnell as Mrs. Brisby

A non-confrontational, attractive, docile, and warm voiced individual, Rosie O'Donnell is the pinnacle example of our mother mouse, Mrs. Brisby. Her talent on the TV show "The View" involves warm thoughtful debate on relevant subjects and her attitude towards colleagues and friends is always warm and well mannered. Her courage is grand for she calls other people cowards, which makes her seem smart and brave. Her modest nature makes her my number one choice for our mother mouse Mrs. Brisby. Did I mention that she's warm and welcoming?

~ Ben Affleck as Justin

Hell, the media has already shipped Rosie and Ben together, why not make it official? To please the romantics out there, the two will come together for the first time and be the world's first lesbian and inter-species couple ever to grace a children's animated film. Did I mention that this NIMH reboot will be a franchise? We got to satisfy all demographics instead of finding a niche! Having a couple of this nature in our film will ensure we please all of those people who loved 50 Shades of Grey. Being a cynical bastard makes me money. What do you mean it's morally reprehensible?

~ Brian Blessed as The Great Owl

I'm actually serious about this one. This guy would make a great great owl: (language warning)

~ Val Kilmer as Val Kilmer

I was kidding about the last one, btw, I'm always serious. To prove it, I'm going to introduce a new character addition to O'Brien's universe, Val Kilmer, playing Val Kilmer, in association with Val Kilmer. You know this film is going to be half CGI and half Val Kilmer, right? The guy who played the Batman, Val Kilmer's smug smile and salty blond hair make him a great choice the kids just can't get enough of.

~ Kenan and Kel as Nicodemus

As old and wise as they come, the young and foolish duo Kenan and Kel will be making their return after decades apart to play the role of Nicodemus. These young rascals known for their work on the show Kenan and Kel and the Oscar winning "Good Burger" movie will take center stage here welcoming Mrs. Brisby and aiding her on her journey to become a brave and successful mother mouse. We expect nothing but the best from these two relics of a long bygone age (the 90s) to deliver the goods.

~ Willem Dafoe's face as the NIMH monkey

Picture this face, but on a monkey:

We gotta give kids that Disney magic they all know and love somehow!

~ Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Ages

"My son Timothy is so sick!" "Does he look like a b***h?" "No! No! He's sick with a fever!"

We gotta earn that PG rating somehow. He'll be the one kids root for cause he curses a lot.

~ Jeremy Irons as Jeremy

Since we're obviously lacking in comic relief characters, we'll just cast him as Jeremy because his name is Jeremy. That's how humor works.

~ Tommy Wiseau as the Brisby children

What a story, huh?

.....I'm excited for this new reboot of NIMH and can't wait for it to play at a theater near you.


  • Gilbert Gottfried as everybody.

  • KoopaKalamity said:

    Gilbert Gottfried as everybody.

    That's actually kinda interesting, as I was thinking of him as Jeremy, but that would be a serious choice and I already had Brian Blessed on there as the owl (which I do think would be a great choice).

    In any case, I would want Tom Green playing everyone if we're talking about comedians playing every role in a movie. Oh, and the soundtrack has to consist entirely of him doing rap music. I also demand a crossover with NIMH and Freddy Got Fingered at some point.

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